Aatma work 8

What makes a house a home is- you… your presence from morning to night and still the stillness within. A living beauty of care, share and love was found. From a morning cup of coffee to late night sneak in’s; from dad’s savior to a patient listener. You always support our struggles and we hardly convey your importance to you.
It is in a lady that we find a great friend, a great mother and a sharing sister. Today was a day to cherish you! We celebrated the essence and learned the new. How it was hard initially and then courage emerged. We saw a girl turn lady and then a women… It’s a sense of oneness, a sense of womenhood. It’s a sense of we share the same troubles and if it was you just a conversation on what you cooked today and how many bottles I filled in today, we have talked more. Talked like sylvia and talked like Jane.
So let the silence talk this time
Let us not misread luxury for individuality and silence for identity. Aatma work say working within to realizing the value of small and small has all that the powerful doesnot have. Small is simple. Small is beauty. Small is complete.
So let’s value those who chose to make a house a home. They make the little difference and give us reasons for a comfortable life so cheers to all women, cheers to their women-hood

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