Aatma work 9

As we stand loud and proud, aatma work grows and in this growth we find our strength. I wonder with each mile stone, where lies the strength in the outcome, in the input or all that in not yet found?
We are walking a walk and we dancing a dance… Its was teacher student relation today and how much more could be found around… values of love, understanding, discipline and  listening shined. We smiled and hearts were rebound. Some found friends, some found connection, in each person’s smile lied our answer.
We spoke on creating a child’s future and showed gratitude to our own; with humbleness were standing some and before we knew we stood into reflection.  It was as if our biggest exchange is happening, we sharing the biggest of growth and receiving the greatest of understanding and mystery has may be got a name but its wonderful how seeds seep and only time when the seeds merely transform.

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