Outer land

Travelling within an outer land, disappeared the barriers of walkig hard. Every travel is different for life has a path. Have you ever danced on an unknown tune?
The outer space is magical and the chase was deepening inside. Life threw words of purpose and mystry and fear and common passion, slowly took it away. Gave words of sharing, connection, co-creation and truth.
Came along a lighter light, this time sat by my side.. It was wispering a story, will you have a cup of coffee?
The name became deeper and the echos louder. People spoke so much and ears simply heard a battle. Battle was not good or outside, It is often caught for indeed it is simple, when in flow: Are you? Do you feel lighter? or you hiding the other world inside, this moon-light, tonight, a reflection of which witnesses the skies.
when deep connections call for cotribution.. share your blessings or meet an eye. Come closer: This time, we will dissolve the water and flower green, blue or indigo!
-Pune, Hriday Kunj (Experienicing Inspiring community space and Gift Ecology)

2 thoughts on “Outer land

  1. Hi

    Remember me!! We met at pune station.how was ur journey. You said u will come back to pune. Do let me know if u visit again.

    Chal see u later

    Take care have fun


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