Small Steps: A beautiful Start


I feel moved to write today… small yet powerful encounters are coming along since a few days like most mornings some beautiful interns write mails about how they like to take an initiative ahead. This experiment keeps going raw, fresh and interesting. Each person adds his bit of value to the collective and I am amazed (Yes, fear at times get the controlling bit outside yet trusting helps) how a start is not a final stop to starting, we can keep starting each time and begin and also find so many ends before we start again!

Its all in the mind as many will say! My experiences are the more we connect with heart, the more love flows. As for monetary exchange  only feel free to co-create  services spaces and people help. They invariably do.

I like to also thank #JKCement for all there monetary support; this is helping us build new avenues.

In silence is such settlement: Outside is either pain or learning- choice which stems from within is always around. So I have no detailed story, no magical words: just simple little small words to show selfish me and selfless me the small steps towards a beautiful start (re-start only to stop and again start) !

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