Project 2017-18

This coming year, Aatma Prakash. Mental  Health Foundation Intends to create platform for various experiments in the field of psychology. We intends to co-create new opportunities and share our vision “Understanding self to cope better, together” with enthusiastic individuals interested in the field of Psychology.

In Aatma Prakash exists a community of enthusiast who aspire to spread awareness about various neglected mental health issues and help people gain insights via experience. Our work focuses on experiential learning.

project-2017-18 We intend to take up two category of projects this year. Type I will focus on Individual counselling and therapy, Paid workshops, Brief Intervention Program and Internship Programs for interested people in the field of Psychology, Social Work, Mass Media and Management.

We also like to spread awareness and work towards inner growth via Type II projects Aatma Work, Storytelling, Aatma Saath, Gifting circles and Annual Event will be the focus for coming months and we will work together to talk about the issues (neurosis) which we often avoid/neglect in society(Abuse, Addiction, Stress, Loneliness, Adjustmental Problems and Relationships).

Those who will like to connect with us please feel free to write your ideas, views, thoughts and queries at

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