About US

Vision– A society which is accepting and empathetic towards the needs of people with mental health concerns

Mission– To reduce needless adversity by providing timely care and support to people with mental health concerns

Organizational goals:

  • Through community outreach, raise awareness in the field of mental health;
  • Through circles of trust raise inner awareness in emotional health;
  • Through training program provide support to psychology students and enthusiasts to apply their knowledge within communities;
  • Through developing psychological skills provide timely intervention to schools;
  • Through individual counselling and therapy provide emotional support to individuals with common mental health issues.

Why do we need a Mental Health Foundation?

  • India is going through a massive Mental Healthcare Crisis.
  • Psychologists to the population ratio is decreasing every passing year.

Our adolescents lack the necessary skills to regulate their emotions and deal with the difficult life challenges. In such times, a mental health foundation will support the community to address the mental health gap by training young psychologist/psychology enthusiast and offering timely intervention to adolescents to cope with mental health concerns.

How do we work?

We work with a major focus on raising inner-awareness through the tools of experiential learning. Various activities for awareness, training and intervention are designed by a team of psychologists to meet the purpose of the organization.  Our current activities include School Wellness Program, Volunteering and Internship Programs, Group and Individual therapy and Support group for women.