Mental Health Volunteer Program


A space for the young and/or enthusiastic to explore avenues of psychology through the various other projects at Aatma Prakash. It is a flexible platform where the participants are expected to complete a 70 hours tenure.


To nurture a culture that is a blend of a zeal for community work and a soundness of theory. Networking across the nation and creating a web of enthusiastic and capable volunteering workforce is the larger picture of this project.


Step 1: Interested candidate applies and fills the volunteering form

Step 2: Candidate is interviewed

Step 3: Based on the interview the candidate is either selected or kept in probation for further testing of caliber (during probation the candidate is given a set of tasks that assesses their theoretical clarity, creativity, and ability to meet deadlines)

Step 4: Upon selection the candidate is oriented about the various projects undergoing at Aatma Prakash and they are expected to select their top three preferences

Step 5: Based on their preferences the candidate is assigned a set of time-bound tasks that assesses their theoretical clarity, creativity, networking skills, documenting skills, and ability to meet deadlines

N.B: For further details refer to the volunteering curriculum

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