Mind Shala |Student Wellness Program

You are Invited for the launch of MIND SHALA

This 29.2.2020 at Indore Press Club (4.00PM)


About Mind Shala

Mind Shala- Crafting leaders one student at a time is a student emotional wellness program which works towards raising awareness, offering emotional skills training and providing timely support to adolescence.

  • The program aims at holistic development by offering active psychological intervention for not only students but also for teachers, peers, and parents.

  • The outcome of the program is 1. Better Leadership Skills, 2. Better Decision Making, 3. Better Emotional Regulation and, 4. Caring and Resilient Community.

  • In Mind Shala we offer different activities in the school eco-system: 1. Monthly Seminars; 2. Classroom Workshops; 3. Hope Leader (Peer Support Training); 4. Storytelling Circles; 5. Group Therapy; 6. Individual Counselling and Therapy, 7. LINK (An emotional wellbeing program for adolescents) and Psychological First Aid for Teachers (PFA)

Why is the Program Mind Shala important?

  • Program Mind Shala is important because of the multiple challenges faced by the students. Students face issues like concentration, irritation and anger outbursts, overthinking, negative thoughts, anxiety, helplessness, a feeling of being lost, shy, stubbornness, misbehavior with elders, and/or struggles with addiction.

  • Researches indicate that these issues are mere symptoms of a hidden, unresolved and ignored emotional issue which might be growing with the child. Depression, anxiety or stress might be the cause of these behaviors observed among students (National Journal of Community Medicine).  These concerns can impact the performance and behavior of the students in schools, with family, friends and cause internal disturbance.

What makes Mind Shala unique? 

The program will be designed, delivered and documented by trained psychologists. We will also closely understand the culture and needs of the school eco-system before setting up the emotional lab in school. All the activities are carried out from this lab which is co-created and expert validated in Aatma Prakash