Gifting Circles


A community space for people to gather, bond, and share the gifts that they possess with others.


Often it is observed that people are full of negativity in the form of thoughts like “I can’t do this”, “I don’t have enough time”, “I wish I could do this”, “If only I could have that”, etc. This platform aims to bring a shift from negativity to positivity, from isolation to community, from transaction to trust and from scarcity to abundance.


The participants share their gifts with the community; their gifts can be anything from poetry to food to music to meditation to a listening ear to hugging arms to a list that can be as varied as the gifts the participants possess. The activities involved are highly reflective and focuses on letting the participants practice inner work. This project can be executed either in a closed space where the participants share their gifts among other participants, or in the community where the participants share gifts like food and other acts of kindness with the community, or in open spaces where the focus heavily shifts to the self and the participants explore their gifts in the midst of nature.